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Harriers | Under 12's

When glancing through the various WhatsApp chats that may now form the pages of history, any subsequent review of the HT Harriers 2017/2018 season can only draw conclusions of success in overcoming adversity. 


Now having completed their fifth season together as a team, it is hugely encouraging to see that this passage of time continues to bring transformative improvement to all. Each passing season continues to be a foundation on which to form the next, both individually and collectively. Through the building blocks of hard work and application evident at each training session, the team has gone from strength to strength. 


Embarking on the sea change that this season’s jump to 9 a side presented, the HT Harriers have enthusiastically embraced matches on a bigger pitch and with larger numbers of players, as the format really does seem to suit the Harriers open and expansive playing style. That said, good results have been a little hard to come by. But, sporting an optimistic disposition that seems amour plated, results are alongside birthdays, appointments and letters to post, in that they are easily forgotten. 


It is also a major quality of this team that season after season; each individual has sought not to rest on comfy laurels but has continued to strive to improve. Allied with each other, a strong team bond is now well built and has been further strengthened throughout this most recent and ultimately enjoyable season. 


Throughout the year, there have been many moments of note on the pitch. Most recently, the home based under 11’s 9-a-side tournament and the Hazlemere 6’s both proved hugely rewarding and a culmination of a season of hard work. Some of the performances and goals scored were simply breath-taking. Notable mentions for the season go to the winged heeled Leo Redfurn, whose left foot is always determined to do the ball a violent injury. The brave goalkeeping of Jude Armstrong, who embodies the wisdom found in one of Yoda’s sayings - “Size matters not”.


Also, Maya Wotherspoon, a new addition to the team, has shown at the age of eleven or thereabouts that she possesses a poise and sophistication which the rest of us, if we are lucky, may manage to achieve somewhere in our later seventies. In truth, there have been many spectacular goals, incidents of superlative defending and quality play throughout the season and they are really far too numerous to mention in these pages. Nevertheless, there is one thing that illustrates the progress the team is making and the enjoyment they are gaining. It is this, whether winning, losing, drawing or freezing through the last seemingly endless winter; every player is demonstrating a clear desire to apply the philosophy of football drilled into them under the skilled guidance and watchful eyes of Jamie, Dave and Mark. In short, they always try to play the game properly and with a massive grin on their face. 


In summary, the team is maturing very nicely; players are flexible, able and willing to play almost anywhere and are continuing to add to what it means to be a Harrier.


Jamie Harris


Dave Accostello


Mark Riley


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