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Ospreys | Under 12's

2017-2018 has been an eventful and successful season for the HT Ospreys in many ways! We started the season with 3 inexperienced players joining the team (Bilal, Loz and Ciaran). Will joined us as a coach and has injected some talented player experience (former HT player) into the coaching sessions. Alex has also supported the team and is a keen referee. 

Nic has continued his impressive performance as striker scoring over 15 goals. The fresh players have found some good form; Bilal’s defensive skills have been excellent; Ciaran’s power has been evident and Los’s accurate long shots have put the opposition’s goal keepers under pressure. It has also been good to see Charlie seeking out goal scoring opportunities and Joe’s tacking ability disrupting the opposition.


Former most improved player Ben has been using his dribbling skills creating chances up front. This season Aidan has taken full advantage of his new goal keeper position, letting his natural talent and confidence shine through. I have been impressed by AJ who has gained new found confidence and Isaac has continued to use his physicality to win tackles and move the ball forward. The team are now working successfully together and the results are evident in all players! 


Jean-Paul Faiers

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