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Vipers | Under 10's

After cruising to the league title last season, we found ourselves in a much harder division this year. But it’s actually been a far more enjoyable season on the whole, as all the matches have been close, hard-fought and played in a great spirit. We’ve had a mixed bag of results – after a fantastic winning streak mid-season, our confidence faltered towards the end of the season with some draws and losses. A couple of those losses were real head-scratchers as we tried to figure out exactly how we had lost given the quality of our performance – but that’s the beautiful game for you!

Three main highlights this season:

  • Beating teams that we had lost to quite heavily a couple of seasons ago

  • The progression and improvement of every player individually in their skill and determination, and of the team as a whole in playing for each other and growing in awareness of the match as a whole and using all the space on the pitch

  • The attitude and positivity of the team when things have gone against us and the humility shown when things have gone our way.

As ever, it’s been a juggling act to get the whole squad involved, but everyone has played a valuable part. We try to encourage quick, passing football with everyone knowing their job in the team – it’s so pleasing when we see the boys taking into the matches the things we’ve been practising in training. When it clicks, this group of lads can produce some breath-taking football! We are really proud of all the boys and they are a credit to the club. Looking forward to next season!


John Harbour


Tim Hawes


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